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Cinderella is a classic princess, perfect for parties and events with children who love a more traditional princess. She loves to tell the children of the importance of their dreams, and wants to inspire them to make the dreams that they wish come true!


The Snow Queen is our most requested character, with powerful songs that children love to sing along to. She is an inspiration to each young child to be independent while also deeply loving those who you consider your family.


The Snow Queen



Rapunzel has got a dream of attending your child's party, where she can teach them of the things that are the most important to her: creativity, friendship, chasing your dreams, and exploring beyond your comfort zone.

The Mermaid Princess will be no regular fish out of water at your child's party! She places a high value on curiosity and adventure and would love to share her treasures with the little guppies!

The Mermaid Princess

The Mermaid Princess

The Snow Queen is so beloved by the community that she is now available in a second outfit option: her Spirit Dress! She's love to encourage your child to have self-confidence and to love their family!


The Snow Sister is very proud of her sister, the Snow Queen! This fun-loving character loves to teach children of the importance of family and the real meaning of 'true love'. She also happens to be an expert on building snowmen.


The Snow Sister (Queen Dress)

The Snow Queen (Spirit Dress)


The Bayou Beauty

The Bayou Beauty understands the importance of hard work, with a balance of fun and love for those closest to you. She's ready to take on your little one's birthday party, and she'll climb a mountain and cross a river to celebrate with them!


This beloved quirky princess is so full of energy, and in this new dress, she is free to dance and skip and play to your little one's content! The Snow Sister loves to try to keep up with hyperactive children and is always happy to take on new adventures!

The Snow Sister (Travel Dress)

The Snow Sister (Travel Dress)


This princess knows just how important it is that EVERY little girl can see herself represented in the princesses that she looks up to. She is ready to explore the world above the sea and be the free-spirited example that the children at her parties are craving!

The Mermaid Princess (2023)



"They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true."

Jolly Holly

Jolly Holly is one of Santa's many elves, who works as the Head Elf in Charge of the reindeer stables. She is a chatty and fun-loving elf who aspires to one day be the CEEO (Chief Excutive Elf Officer) of Santa's Workshop.

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