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Hello, My Name Is Kennedy

I am the owner and founder of Middle Tennessee Princess Parties. We have been in business since January of 2020. It is our mission to share the magic of imagination with children, because bringing joy to children means bringing joy to the whole family! It is our duty as princesses to inspire kindness, friendship, integrity, respect, and selflessness at every party!

I was born and raised in a town in Southeast Missouri, where I was involved  in dance, music, and theater from the time I could walk, and in high school I started giving music lessons to kids. It's very important to me that children understand and appreciate the importance of the arts and creativity! I then graduated from Greenville Universtiy with a Bachelor's degree in Music Industry Studies.

After college, my husband and I moved to Murfreesboro, TN in pursuit of careers in music. Meanwhile, I was asked to perform as Cinderella at a couple of events at a local coffee shop, only to immediately fall in love with the job. Seeing the joyful smiles spread across children's faces as one of their favorite princesses walked into the room was priceless! So, even though I never saw myself becoming an entrepreneur, I decided to start this little business. One of the best choices I ever made!

I truly believe that youth and imagination and child-like innocence are so important, and that we adults can learn so much from these traits that many children possess. It is our responsibility to preserve those traits in them for as long as possible, so you will always receive our 100% when preparing for and performing at your event.

We are so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to play a role in making your event magical!

Kennedy Sanders

Owner and Manager

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